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Alicia Beach

Alicia beach is a beautiful beach, also located in Sosua right next to the main beach, playa Sosua. It is smaller and attracts mostly tourists from the nearby hotels and apartments. If you want to enjoy some quiet time on the beach, then I recommend you come here. It is quiet, peaceful and beautiful – you are not going to find music and all the craziness that happens on Sosua beach. There is no beach access at night.

I hope you enjoy the gallery above of Alicia beach, use the previous and next button to view the entire gallery.

Cabarete Beach At Night

Cabarete beach is also located on the North Coast in the town of Cabarete and is also one of the beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is about 20 minutes away from Sosua, and is much smaller than Sosua. Cabarete beach is not as lively as Sosua beach but it is the best place to Kite Surf and other water spots in the DR.

Even though it is not as lively as Sosua Beach, Cabarete beach is open day and night, and as you can see on the pictures in this gallery, it is very romantic at night. So if you are in the Puerto Plata area of the Dominican Republic, I highly recommend spending a night or two in Cabarete.

Sosúa Beach

Sosúa Beach (playa Sosúa in Spanish) is without question one of the most beautiful beaches not just in the Dominican Republic, but in the world. It is so lively and fun, and each site part of the beach has its own vibe, thanks to the different music and entertainment offered by the many shops and restaurants that line up the beach in other to attract customers to their establishments. This is the largest beach in all of Sosua and here you will find both tourists and locals – Sundays are packed with locals.

What can you do on Sosúa Beach? Anything you want:

  • Relax and “people watch”
  • Go for a nice long walk
  • You can get a massage, manicure and pedicure.
  • Go snorkeling
  • You can enjoy a nice meal with friends
  • Go on a boat ride

… and so much more as you can see on the photos gallery. Unfortunately the beach closes around 6 pm and is not available at night, however drive 20 minutes to Cabarete beach if you want to enjoy a beach at night.