Concert Among The Locals – Los Castillos

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The moment you realize you are the only foreigner in the crowd.

December 12/2018


hat you are looking at are pictures of a concert I went too in the Sosúa neighborhood of Los Castillo (Dominican Republic), where it is almost all locals who live there (with MAYBE 1 or 2 expats who live there, and have been living there for years… have fully mastered Spanish, including the local lingo and are pretty much one of the locals). This concert took place on December 12/2018 and lasted about 3 hours. The event was performed by a Dominican musician. I had a good time, a lot of dancing, and drinking – a lot of people of all ages, but especially young people. The concert was dedicated to the Christmas festivities.

I apologize for not taking more pictures, but I had eyes on me everywhere. They were people enjoying the concert from apartment buildings’ windows, and other higher vantage points looking at the crowd below, so I felt a bit uneasy taking too many pictures. I tried blending in as much as I could, but some people noticed I was a foreigner. I did NOT go alone…. I was with a local Dominican friend. All in all, great experience, I liked it.


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  • Maria says:

    looks really crowded but I like it

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