Is Sosúa Safe?

People ask this question all the time. Well, I am happy to answer this question here and now with a resounding yes! Obviously, it is safer during the day than at night (same is true for anywhere in the world), but yes Sosúa is safe. Like anywhere in the world, just exercise caution, and even more so in different countries for obvious reasons – you don’t live there!

Do not let the resorts and hotels hold you hostage. Get out there and walk around… there is the National Policia patrolling the streets of downtown Sosúa constantly, even at night.

Just listen to your intuition, be smart, be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine.

Now… the only destinations you need to worry about is the urban areas or suburbs of Sosúa where it’s mostly locals or a lack of a police presence. There it is better to go if you are either fluent in Spanish or have a trusted local Dominican friend with you.

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