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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I know some of you do not care to learn since you are only going there to have fun for a short while, but Spanish is worth learning, seriously.

There are simply way too many benefits to learn the language. At least learn the basics, the day to day words that people use to communicate, some of which I will include in the dictionaries below.


  1. You are progressing as a human being, learning something new. You will become better diverse and well-rounded as a person.
  2. Spanish is one of the most popular and well-respected languages in the world, only behind English and French.
  3. Everything is cheaper! Seriously. No more getting hustled or paying gringo/foreigner prices by the locals.
  4. No language barrier – this is a big one guys… we all know how ANNOYING it can be only relying on Google Translate and other similar Apps which don’t always translate probably leading to miscommunication, fights and unnecessary drama and embarrassment.


I am not a fluent Spanish speaker myself, but I have learned a lot now. I have spent a lot of time in the Dominican Republic and have spent months learning on my own via the Duolingo App (available on both Android and the iPhone (IOS) devices), YouTube, books and Netflix shows/movies.

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