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Unless you own or rent a car, the best way to move around is either by Motochancho (Motor Bike) or Taxi. But even though Sosúa may look big on maps and images, it’s still small enough to walk almost everywhere on foot, especially when you get downtown. But you should know… Sosúa’s streets are busy, fast-paced and kind of crazy. There are only about 2 traffic lights in the entire town.

I personally would not recommend you drive or own your very own Motor Bike.


But for your inconvenience, if you don’t feel like walking, just jump on a motorbike or better known as a “Motoconcho”. They literally all over the place, looking for customers. But beware… even though they are the most convenient way of getting around in Sosúa, it is easy to get into accidents. Anywhere in the tourist areas of Sosúa, a ride costs 50 pesos (about $1 USD) during the day and 100 pesos at night, do NOT pay more than this unless you want to tip.

If you are going to other towns or suburbs, then it’s cost you slightly more, but no more than 400 pesos.


But if moto-bikes are not your cup of tea… then you can always take a taxi.

Again, they are literally all over downtown and costs no more than 600 pesos (about $12 USD) for a round trip. There is a taxi stand on Pedro Clisante, main downtown core, across the Premium Disco Bar & Cafe.

Renting a car: you can also rent a car if you are tired of calling taxi drivers but beware of driving in Sosúa. Because of your gringo/foreigner status, it is almost always your fault even though you were clearly not at fault in the case of an accident. Just walk around downtown and you will find several places renting cars or selling. Bring a Dominican friend if you don’t speak Spanish for better rates.

Renting a motorbike: you can also buy or rent/lease a moto-bike at several places in Sosúa. To buy – prices range from anyway from 4000 all the way to 60,000+ pesos. The cool and new ones of course will cost you more. But if you want to buy something inexpensive, just buy a USED one… but make sure it works. You do not need a license to operate a motorbike in Sosúa.

Pappaterra – Rent bikes, buy furniture, dishwasher, microwaves, and many other appliances.

  • Address: Sosúa 57000, Dominican Republic
  • Phone: +1809-571-1378

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