My First Airbnb in Sosúa

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My first ever Airbnb experience. I stayed here two times: January – February, then again June – July. I liked it so much that I came back a second time. I stayed for 3 weeks both times and paid around $600 each time (knowing what I know now, yes, I overpaid).


aribe Campo is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful apartment residence in Sosua. The property is in a secluded area, about 5 minutes away from town by car and about 12 minutes by foot. It’s beautifully kept surrounded by tropical trees, and plants/flowers. It’s got 2 swimming pools, 24/7 security and so much more. A lot of family expats live here with their families. Not far away is supermarket (5 minutes walk), ATM machines and so many other stores. My second Airbnb was in the same complex.

Everything is literally close by, you won’t even need to go into town unless you are going to the beach.

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