My Villa Stay At The Casa Linda

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Photos taken in early February 2018 (and yes the villa LOOKS exactly as you see in the photos. Gorgeous villa.)

  • Average cost per day: $151.00 – $350 (depending on the season)
  • My stay: FREE (My first Airbnb had water issues… read more below)
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • 6 Bed rooms and 3 bathrooms
  • My rating? 5/5!!
  • Warning? No, the place has 24/7 security, they patrol everywhere. Just keep in mind that you are in the tropics, so during rain season – spiders (big spiders), geckos and other small crippy crawlers like to come inside, so make sure no doors are opened.


he photos you see above is of a villa located at Residencial Casa Linda, in an exclusive and gated community of beautiful villas about 15 minutes from Sosua. I stayed there for 2 days and had the whole villa to myself… but I did NOT pay for my stay there.

Water leaks: for several days, I would used the water as I normally do without knowing that behind the covered walls, there were 2 leaks on the water pipes, and thus causing water to leak into the apartment below me. The apartment below me was empty, so nobody noticed anything for several days until the owner of my Airbnb called and told me there was a water leak, and that the apartment below me had water leaking from the ceiling. She came over, along with the building’s maintenance guy… we all proceeded down to go see the apartment below. Sure enough, the floor was covered in water caused by the leaks above from me using the water.

Kitchen was the main source of the leak.

It took 2 full days to fix the issue, see photos below.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

The kitchen turned into a huge mess, and I could not stay there. Fortunately the owner of the Airbnb (she is a real estate agent) had a villa that was unoccupied for 2 days and I asked if I wanted to stay there until the issue was fixed. Without hesitation I said YES!! It was an unforgettable experience… I had never stayed in a villa before, and here I was in a 6 bedroom mansion all to myself. Anyway, that is how I ended up staying 2 days at this beautiful, beautiful villa FREE of charge for 2 days. You can find it for rent on Airbnb. Contact me if you want to rent this specific villa:


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  • Paul says:

    Wow, the quality, the furniture in the villa, the design. Perfect. O_O

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  • Anna says:

    This looks like a great hangout with a group of friends or family.

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    • Joel says:

      It really is!

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