Rules You Must Obey In Sosua

These are not really rules, but “guidelines”, so please read them carefully.

  1. You are in a different country – respect their rules, culture, customs and way of life. Do not compare where you come from and the Dominican Republic and think stuff like “this is not how it’s done in my country or so and so”. The Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country, so don’t expect people to talk to you in English, make the effort and communicate in Spanish. Refer to the Spanish chapter for the basics.
  2. No showing off – the Dominican Republic is indeed a third world country, thus there is a lot of corruption and high levels of unemployment. Furthermore, wages are very low compared to first-world nations. So please do not come to Sosúa flashing your nice clothes, jewellery, shoes, etc.
  3. Never carry more than 3000 pesos on you. God forbid the unthinkable happens… although unlikely, you never know, so in the event, you get robbed, make sure that you are not carrying a lot of cash on you. A good meal anywhere in Sosúa for 1 person is less than 1000 pesos, so you don’t need to walk around with a ton of cash on you, and whatever you do, don’t make it “rain” ever… whether you are in the club, bar, etc. Don’t do it.
  4. Everything is negotiable in the Dominican Republic, so negotiate EVERYTHING up front, especially when dealing with “chicas”, make sure you agree upon a price beforehand. If you must pay your way out of trouble, pay.
  5. Thou shall not do drugs of any kind or engage in shady activities… and please for the love of GOD stay away from trouble, this includes arguing with Police or getting into fights with the locals. It will not end well for you. It would be an utter nightmare.

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