Things to Expect In Sosua

As the saying goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”, so this section will prepare you on what to expect, especially if this is your first time in Sosúa.

Remember the Golden Rule: Learn the ART of saying no. ALWAYS say no… and if you have to say yes, only say yes to what you need/want. Don’t just say yes to everyone because you are “nice” or to please them.


Being the biggest tourist attraction, expect to pay everything at “gringo prices”. Everything here costs more than elsewhere in town.

  • People trying to sell you stuff: “the hustle is real”, so whether you are just walking around or laying on the beach enjoying the view and sunshine, expect to be approached by someone selling something. Anything the locals; young and old – can think of, they will sell it to you, from sugar cane candies to phone covers (a guy sold me a phone cover – I said yes because I actually needed one. He sold me one for 200 pesos).
  • Massage, pedicures and manicures: “Mi amor… do you want a massage?” “Pedicure? Manicure?” You will see ladies, young and old walking the beach asking men if they want these services.
    Chicas/women: the shy and desperate approach men in broad daylight, exchange phone numbers and walk away, so expect this.
  • Old ladies And Young Boys Asking for money: expect this. Seems harmless, but 95% of the time… say no. You are on a public beach, where you are being watched by everyone… giving makes you a target for people to come and sell you stuff, the same people will also come back and keep asking for more and more. It gets annoying really quick.


  • Chicas/women: during day time, you may be stopped or approached by them, but at night you WILL be approached, stopped, touched, grabbed, groped and even grinded on. You are literally a prey in Sosúa. There is no other way to put it. You are NOT the “hunter”, so if this is your first time there… it may be a culture shock – in a good way.
  • Motorists/Motochancho drivers: they are everywhere! Daily, you will be asked if you need a ride. Getting on a moto bike behind another man and being driven around is normal, and not weird at all, so don’t be freaked out by it.
  • Street Money sellers: when walking around town, expect some guy with a wad of cash to shout out at you asking if you need dinero. Avoid them, and only exchange money at established businesses like banks, and money exchange places with the words “Cambio”, they are all over town.
  • Random sellers: these are guys who sell Viagra, condoms, pills, drugs, and other random stuff. Say no gracias every time. If you need something like condoms, go to a pharmacy. I have listed a few locations in this report.


  • A chica might say She Is Hungry: decline and say you are not hungry, and that she will pay for her own meal if you go out. They think they are smart trying to get a free meal in addition to getting paid for her services. UNLESS you really want to get to know her, which would be unnecessary.
  • Mosquitoes: you are in the tropics, so expect a mosquito bite. These Mosquitoes are very clever, they usually go for the legs and feet, where you won’t notice them until it’s too late.
  • Homeless Dogs: they are not a lot of them roaming around town like I’ve seen in Eastern Europe. But expect to see them in town and on Sosúa beach. Most are harmless and hungry so do not be alarmed. But if you run into one that is barking at you, as with all dogs in such situations, avoid direct contact, show no feature and keep walking at a normal pace. Whatever you do, do not run, that’s a natural “trigger” for dogs to chase.

Last, but not least… expect the unexpected. You are in a foreign country, so be smart and vigilant. Exercise a high degree of caution.

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