About Me

They say… a picture is worth a thousand words. And it is absolutely true. The pictures you see on this website, I personally took with my phone, the very phone in my hands in the image below. I created this website because many of my friends, colleagues and family members want to see what I saw and experienced. So, rather than spend countless hours sharing these pictures individually with my friends and family members on message Apps, I have decided to create this website and share them with the world as well… in hopes of also assisting anyone who’s about to make the journey to the Dominican Republic.

Even in putting this website together, I cannot begin to tell you of the time spent… and the level of planning it took so I hope you enjoy it!

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y name is Joel, and welcome to “My Sosúa Blog”. The first time I traveled to Sosúa was in January of 2018, and the second time was in June of 2018. Both times I stayed for 19 days (3 weeks). I love Sosúa and the Dominican Republic! In addition, I have been to other towns and cities in the Dominican Republic such as Nagua, Boca Chica, Puerto Plata and others.

Anyway, this site is just a bunch of blog posts, pictures, and videos about my experience in the Dominican Republic, Sosúa in particular. So hopefully you find it useful, especially if you are interested in going and it’s your first time.

How Did I Discover Sosúa?

I learned about this town through one of those YouTube “recommendations” while watching videos of Thailand. Sosúa did NOT even exist to me until last year (2017) in June. I didn’t know anything about it at all. After watching the videos on Sosúa, I became obsessed and had to visit… and sure enough, I made my first trip on January 25th of 2018.

Why Do I Love It So Much (Not just Sosúa but the Dominican Republic)?

Many, many reasons, but reason number 1 are the beaches and reason number 2 is the weather. Truly, without exaggerating, Sosúa and the Dominican Republic is paradise to me. The vibe, the warm people, culture, there is an endless number of beautifu beaches, mango trees, banana trees, palm trees, gorgeous year-round weather, and so much more. What’s there not to love? Plus, your dollar, Euro or British Pounds go so much further.

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