About Sosúa


osúa is a beautiful resort beach town on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic known primarily for its night life, beaches/tourist attractions. The heart of Sosúa is the tourist region known as El Batey, where most of the resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, and everything else is located. El Batey is the economic engine of Sosúa.

MAP of Sosúa

You Should Know: Sosúa Beach (the main beach in town) is most active around 3:00 PM. Starts to close at 6:00 PM. Before 3:00 PM, not many people on the beach, nice and quiet.

2 Main Streets In Town

The town has two main streets: Pedro Clisante and Dr. Alejo Martinez. Most of the night life happens on Pedro Clisante, considered the downtown core. This street is where most of the “action” happens – the biggest night clubs, and most bars and restaurants are located on this street. As well as hotels, currency exchange businesses, among other establishments.


Sosúa is blessed with several beaches, but below are the main ones.

Sosúa beach: (Playa Sosúa in Spanish) is without question one of the most beautiful beach in the world. The beach is like a town of its own with its many shops, restaurants and bars. This is the main beach in Sosúa.

Alicia beach: Another beach, smaller than the main beach but also quite large and more private. Not as crazy as the main beach. No restaurants on the beach.

Other Parts Of Town

Most locals live in the none tourist sections of Maranatha, Los Charamicos, and others. There… is where you will get a sense of the real Dominican Republic, where the locals live, how they move and do things.

I highly encourage you visit these sections as well, things here are completely different and prices of goods, food and everything else is much, much cheaper than main Sosúa-El Batey. But ONLY visit these sections if you are fluent in Spanish or with a trusted local.

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